Edwin Jagger DE86, 87, 89 – Why Wouldn’t You?


This is my “tell it as it is” review of the Edwin Jagger DE86, DE87 & DE89 Safety Razor range.

Whether you’re just starting out, or whether you’ve been wet shaving for years, I’m thrilled to share my experience & hopefully enough information for you to make an informed decision about your next…or very first razor!

Straight off the bat, you might be wondering why I’m reviewing 3 razors at once? The great thing about this range, is that the razor head & performance of each is IDENTICAL! The only difference in these razors are their handles. It’s really only a matter of your personal preference as to which razor you’d love gliding across your beard.

So…what’s the difference?


DE86 headEdwin Jagger DE86 Faux Ebony “Black” Handle

EJ87 headEdwin Jagger DE87 Faux Ivory “White” Handle

DE89 headEdwin Jagger DE89 Chrome “Silver” Handle


Now it’s time to have good look at how these safety razors hold up in a real life road test!

The Head

When you first see these razors, you notice how striking they look. Made in England, the attention to detail is sublime. The chrome on the head is flawless. The bottom plate is very sturdy, whilst the solid robust construction screams quality. When you grab that handle & lift for the first time, the weight of the razor head is particularly evident. This will be especially noticeable if you’ve come from using a cartridge type razor. This, my fellow wet shavers is nothing to worry about. In fact, having some decent weight in the head makes using your safety razor far more efficient. Let the weight of the head do the work…not you!

The Handle

The handles of these safety razors screw seamlessly into the 2 piece head. Although the material of the handles vary, they feel very comfortable in the hand & perform very well under wet conditions. It must be said though that if you have soap or shaving cream on your fingers, ANY razor’s grip will feel slippery. Please rinse your hands well before shaving. The last thing you want to do is drop your new pride & joy!


The Shave

I carefully slid, my DE86 out of it’s Edwin Jagger packaging. This was my first shave with a safety razor, so perhaps like you, I was tentative but excited at the same time.

After admiring the shiny chrome head & smooth black handle for a few moments, I carefully unscrewed them apart to reveal where I would place my new Derby double-edge blade. Making sure the two pieces of the razor head were facing the correct way, I then screwed the handle back on ensuring a firm, but not overly tight fit.

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After preparing my face & working my shaving cream into a rich lather, I baptised the head of my razor under flowing water. I carefully placed the razor on my face, slightly tilting the head to find the recommended approximate 30 degree starting point. Then, letting the weight of the head do the work, came my very first cautious stroke with a safety razor.

The feeling of the single blade gliding down my cheek was amazing. The razor effortlessly removing my 3-day growth. This razor quickly showed why it is the first…and often the final choice of new and seasoned wet shavers. I tentatively continued the first pass over my face & neck, resulting in…wait for it…no nicks or bleeders! I felt a flood of relief after hearing horror stories from other men venturing into the realm of double-edge shaving.

I lathered up my face for my second & final pass. Once again the performance of my blade felt silky smooth. This time however not all was so perfect. With confidence soaring from my faultless first pass, my technique became a little more aggressive, pushing against my skin, rather than (you guessed it) letting the razor head do what it’s designed to do. The result was 2 small nicks. One on my lip, the other on my neck. It’s fair to point out that these nicks were the result of my poor technique. In all seriousness, if I were using a $10 safety razor off E-bay, my face would have looked like I’d wandered into a fast-spinning fan blade.

Now time has passed, I have many more shaves under my belt, and I very rarely nick myself. In fact my Edwin Jagger performs just as smoothly, just as effortlessly as my first shave.


Key Points:

  • Robust Construction
  • Excellent Balance & Weight
  • Finish is Exceptional
  • Economical
  • Great for Beginners & Seasoned Shavers
  • Simple to Load any Double Edge Blade
  • Easy to Keep Clean
  • Solid Grip
  • Comfortable & Easy to Use

You may be brand-spanking new to wet shaving with a safety razor, or perhaps you’ve been enjoying it for years, I have absolutely no doubt that whether you choose the DE86, DE87 or DE89, you’ll have an instrument that will be a pleasure to use for many years to come. It may take a little while to get your technique right, however in saying that, this is a very forgiving razor. I recommend you try a couple of different blades to work out what feels most comfortable whilst giving you great results. Over time you’ll also try using various shaving creams & soaps, not to mention other shaving accessories (which I’ll chat about in other posts) that will work together to give you a zen-like shaving experience.

At A Glance:

  • Design: Three Piece
  • Comb: Closed Scalloped Bar
  • Length: 95mm (3.7in)
  • Weight: 62g (2.2oz)
  • Price: Approx $27
  • My Rating: 5 out of 5

Do I recommend the Edwin Jagger DE86, DE87 & DE89 Safety Razor Range?

Absolutely! Besides the amazing quality, what makes these razors perfect for beginners is the price. For around $30, you’ll have a superb double-edge razor that you can keep for your lifetime, and if you wish…your children’s lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about Edwin Jagger Safety Razors, or want to share your experiences, drop me a line in the comments section below.

Time to get your shave on! 😉

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    1. Andrew Post author

      Thanks for your feedback Chris. Much appreciated 🙂

      I agree it’s a great looking razor & it’s an economical way to shave. Perfect for those new to safety razors!


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