Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Review – Why People Love it!

My journey into the world of wet shaving has been an absolute eye opener. There are so many brushes, creams, aftershaves & of course razors to marvel at. One of those marvels, is the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor. Also affectionately known as the 23C & 180.

Merkur Long Handled

When a razor gets over 4,500 reviews in Amazon, you just can’t ignore it. There is obviously something about the 23C that resonates with the shaving public…& were going to find out why!

Merkur has been a very well respected name in the would of safety razors for many years. Made with German precision, they are the initial choice for many wet shaving enthusiasts.

The thing that really stands out when you see this razor is its length. At a whopping 4 inches, the diamond pattern knurling on the handle offers an amazing grip. Unless you’ve got rivers of soap streaming through your fingers, there’s no way you’re going to drop this baby.

One aspect not to be overlooked is the transition from using multi blade razors. Cartridge razors tend to have longer handles, & the handle dimensions of the 23C reflect that to some degree. Apart from the handle being much longer than it’s cousin, it’s also thinner, making it feel more familiar to the new user.

If you are a beginner to the world of safety razors & are a bit apprehensive about unintentional blood donations…don’t worry! One of the things you’ll love the 23C is it’s lack of aggressiveness. As you’re finding your way around your face & improving your technique, you’ll quickly discover that this razor is incredibly forgiving of less than perfect skill.

The chrome finish on this razor is outstanding. The workmanship around the head just screams quality.The head design is that of the Merkur 34C with one small difference. The 23C is a three piece design whereas the former is the well known 2 piece ensemble.

23C 2

Weighing approximately the same weight as the Edwin Jagger 86/87/89 series, the weight distribution of the 23C is slightly more even. This gives you a balanced feel making it very comfortable to grip.

Finally, one of the things that make the 23C so incredibly popular is the value for money. It’s finely built German-designed instrument that you can pick up for less than a decent counter lunch at one of our Aussie pubs.

At A Glance:

  • Design: Three Piece
  • Comb: Closed Scalloped Bar
  • Length: 101mm (4in)
  • Weight: 61g (2.15oz)
  • Price: Approx $21. Click for Today’s Price at, & West Coast Shaving
  • My Rating: 4 out of 5

So there we have it kids. The ever so popular Merkur Long Handled safety razor. I hope this review has helped you a little further along your wet shaving journey!

Do you have the 23C in your shaving kit? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Time to get your shave on! 😉

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