Parker Open Comb Razor – Is The 24C For You?

Apart from my family, friends and faith, gracing my face with a newly bladed safety razor is one of my small joys in life. That victorious battle against your whiskers as the double-edged blade slices through the stubble.

Closed comb safety razors are the choice of most beginners to classic shaving. They tend to be quite forgiving as you master your new-found experience. But the truth is, they don’t suit everyone and maybe, just maybe, an open comb razor such as the Parker 24C will be a better option for you.

What is an open comb safety razor?

If you’re anything like me, before you purchased your first safety razor, you did a bit investigation. It didn’t take long to discover that there were a couple of different types of cutting plates and combs to choose from.

Traditionally, open comb razors were only good for navigating around the extravagant moustaches and sideburns of yesteryear. However these days, advancements in technology have enabled them perform just as well as any other safety razor.

So let’s take a look at what an open comb safety razor is.

To put it simply, an open comb razor has no safety bar. The teeth on an open comb razor tend to be larger and are generally spaced further apart. They comb through the hair as it cuts to channel your whiskers (particularly longer ones) as you shave. The result of this is that your face has greater exposure to the blade than you would with a closed comb.

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Parker 24C Open Comb Safety Razor

Parker have a strong reputation for quality products in the wet shaving community. Made in India, the 24C certainly reflects that.

You also have the option of the 26C with the black handle as well.

parker-24c-safety-razor-chrome      parker-26c-safety-razor-black-chrome

                           Parker 24C                                                               Parker 26C

At A Glance:

All safety razors are built to perform a specific purpose and the Parker 24C open comb razor is no different.


Cuts Thick Hair

  • As the blade has no safety bar, the greater exposure of the blade slices through thicker hair with little effort.

Good For Heavy Growth

  • The open comb allows longer hair to be guided through the specially designed teeth. This results in a very effective shave, particularly if you have a few days growth (or more) to disperse of.

Easy To Clean

  • The lack of safety bar ensures that the rinsing away of whiskers and lather is a quick and efficient process.

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More Nicks

  • With experience, this really becomes a non-issue. However the exposed blade and non-existent safety bar may deliver you a few extra nicks when you first start out.

As a side note, many have said that open comb razors are not suitable for beginners. Interestingly, plenty of users claim that they couldn’t distinguish a significant difference to their closed comb cousin…just some food for thought!

What are others saying?


“Fantastic razor, the handle is surprisingly heavy. It’s aggressive enough to cut my coarse curly hair, but gentle not irritating my sensitive skin. I find that persona lab blue blades pair best with this razor. This was my first DE razor, and while i have suffered a few nicks, it was nothing drastic. I will certainly recommend this to anyone who is interested in wet shaving.”

“This is my first DE razor after years of using a cartridge. I chose this one based on good reviews on online forums and I am very happy. Make sure you also buy a blade sampler pack if you are new to this so you can find a blade that works great for you. One thing to keep in mind is absolutely no pressure!! Just let the weight of razor do the work.”

“It’s going to take some practice, but so far I really like this razor. It’s heavy in your hand and the weight of the razor really does the work for you.”

“I still contend that Parker quality has come a long way. I feel that it surpasses Merkur quality of fit and finish, and equals that of Edwin Jagger.

I normally prefer a short-handled razor, but the grip, comfort, and balance of this razor is superb.

It is not as aggressive as one might expect from an open comb razor, but certainly aggressive enough to tackle several days worth of growth. My first shave with the 24C was with one of my short handles attached, the second with the handle supplied. The second shave was much better and a definite BBS!”

“I would recommend this razor to cautious beginners and experts alike. Parker has joined the ranks of the fine razors available today.”


“Received the razor with the head snapped off. There was no damage to the products box or the shipping container (box). I had 3 other items shipped with this razor and none of them were damaged. Returned item and replaced with a Mehaz (I love this razor). Didn’t trust the quality of the Parker to try another one.”

“This is my first DE razor so maybe I’m missing something. When I shave with this, it feels like one edge is more aggressive (less angle?) than the other. I’ve tried turning the heads in multiple configurations, loosening the handle, tightening the handle (makes it worse), but nothing changes the difference between the two edges. Anybody else experience this?”


It’s fair to say that an open comb razor isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. If however you want to dive into the world of open comb safety razors, you could do much worse than the Parker 24C

Although there have been manufacturing concerns raised by a couple of people, for around $30, the Parker 24C is a very respectable product with a price that’s hard to go past.

What is your experience with open comb safety razors? I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Time to get your shave on! 😉

14 thoughts on “Parker Open Comb Razor – Is The 24C For You?

  1. Mohammad Makki

    Very interesting product right here. My dad uses one of these razors, and he has been for a very long time. I never imagined it could be the reason he gets such a close shave!

    I was always turned off by open combs, but I guess I should try them now that I’ve read this review. They do seem ideal for close shaves (which I struggle with).

    Would you recommend using this over something like a Gillette Mach 3? I want an expert’s opinion. Generally I’ve heard that cartridges are vastly inferior, but I’m reluctant to try for fear of getting cut a lot.

    Great review Andrew!

  2. Sam

    Once again, thanks for all this information regarding shaving. Like I mentioned in another comment on this website, I use now a straight razor, and always wanted to venture out to other stuff since most of the things I buy from the store irritates my skin.

    I’ll definitely be reading your site more and making a decision based on what you have to offer information wise.

  3. Jay

    I have to admit…I used a closed comb razor…lol. But, the open comb razor doesn’t look too bad, and I do have a lot of “whiskers” that grow pretty quickly, a lot quicker than I would like. A few nicks here and there starting out wouldn’t bother me very much. Seems like something I would get used to, I may try this! Thanks for the review!

  4. Eric Estrella

    Hi Andrew

    As always, great post! I saw my uncle using one of those but I never tried to use it. I haven’t experienced using this kind of razor before. In my opinion, safety razors are user friendly because they are easy to clean and easy to change the blade, no worries even your first timer. Thank you for sharing! I learned a lot again!


  5. Anthony

    Hi, Andrew!
    Thank you for your sharing! To be honest, I don’t have any experience using safety razors. So, I don’t know which type of razor I should use. Many people recommend close comb one to beginners like me. Because they said open one is too difficult for the beginners to use. But after reading your post, I may consider using open comb one because it is easy to clean.

  6. Basem

    Hey Andrew!
    Really like how you write your reviews especially the way you organize your points. I once borrowed the parker 24C from my father because I forgot my normal razor, and you are certainly right that it’s not for everybody haha. My dad loves it and he’s using these kind of razors for years and maybe someday I’ll give it a try again too. Nice review and keep up the good work!

  7. Fiq

    Interesting article. I never really looked into the different types of razors in detail before.

    Usually I am okay with a razor I grabbed from the supermarket, but you have certainly opened my eyes to the choices of razor I make.

    Thanks for the tip!


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