Proraso Sandalwood & Shea Butter Review – Better Than The Original?

Shaving in summer is awesome. Particularly here in Australia. I’ll often shave with cool water, which is a great way to combat the ever present heat. To add to the experience, using refreshing ingredients such as eucalyptus and menthol leave you feeling revitalised after shaving.

What about winter though? As it’s currently winter down under, shaving takes on a different dynamic, and the use of less vibrant and more rounded fragrances start making their way into my shaving regime.

Enter Proraso’s Sandalwood and Shea Butter Shaving Soap. After reading number of reviews and opinions about his shaving soap, the best way to get an accurate idea of how it performs for me was to buy some…so I did!


My Experience

After my purchase, I was keen to rip into my shave. The convenient plastic container has a deep red colour & the packaging is very much on par with the unpretentious, there-to-be-used styling of other Proraso products.

I’d heard a few people saying that they didn’t like the fragrance of this soap. Some going as far to say that it smelt “medicinal”. I’m happy to say that I didn’t find this to be the case at all.

When the fragrance of Sandalwood is infused into a product, I would generally expect a distinct smell of wood. And although this Proraso soap has that scent, I found it very reserved. The overall aroma is pleasant and It’s definitely not a fragrance that will clash with any after shave products you choose to apply.

Building the Lather

I love the lather this soap produces. Not only is it extremely easy to produce a rich, dense consistency, it is also very responsive to correction.

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This is quite a soft soap, so with relatively little moisture, I splayed my brush on top of the supplied soap filled bowl and after around a dozen rotations of the brush, soap was quickly loaded into the bristles.

The next step was to add a little water to my shaving bowl and after just a couple of rotations of the wrist, a rich creamy lather soon formed.

If you find you’ve added too much water, just a few extra swirls of your brush will quickly annihilate any large bubbles that have made their way into your shaving bowl.

On the Face

After achieving the desired consistency,  it was time to throw the lather on my face.
Unlike the invigorating kiss of Proraso’s Eucalyptus and Menthol shaving cream, the Sandalwood and Shea Butter had a restrained, soothing feeling on the skin. The lather went on thick and it remained like that throughout the course of my shave.

Shaving with this soap was amazingly smooth and comfortable. I found it lubricated really well. My beard was kept well hydrated allowing the blade to slice cleanly through my whiskers.

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As I touched on a moment ago, unlike other shaving soaps I’ve used, the richness of the lather remained consistent with each and every pass. Sometimes when you’re a bit strapped for time, being able to rely on the consistency of your shaving soap is definitely a bonus.

At a Glance:

  • Packaging: Plastic Bowl
  • Volume: 150ml (5.2oz)
  • Scent: Sandalwood & Shea Butter
  • Price: Approx $10. Click for Today’s Price at or West Coast Shaving
  • My Rating: 5 out of 5

What Others are Saying!


“Great shaving cream, wonderful scent, not overbearing. Have been using this exclusively for a couple of years and don’t plan to switch soon.”

“Proraso soaps are not like other soaps. They are more akin to creams than other soaps. They give just the right balance of lube and cushion, bringing together the best of both worlds. The Proraso red has a killer sandalwood scent. It’s perfect. Not overpowering. Blends well with a variety of aftershaves. Your collection won’t be complete without this.”

“This tub lasts quite a long time. I shave my face and my head and have used only about half of it in the 4 months or so that I’ve had it. If you’re only shaving your mug with it…it should last quite a while. It smells pretty good too, but then again, I like the smell of sandalwood.”

“A very good shaving soap you get a very ‘rich’ and smooth consistency, which in turn helps to create a close and comfortable shave. It smells great and feels refreshing – it has a real feel of quality item. I am very impressed with this Proraso product and have no hesitation in recommending it.”

“This soap builds into a great lather quite quickly. I am a big fan of the smell, it’s fairly subtle but very earthy. This was also my first soap for use with my safety razor, and it was a great product to start with!”


To be honest, I really couldn’t find it much negative to say about this shaving soap.

Is it better than the original? I guess at the end of the day that answer is pretty subjective. I love the vitality of the Eucalyptus & Menthol, but there’s just something relaxing about Proraso “Red”.

As you’d expect from Proraso, this is a quality product and for around $10, you really can’t go wrong.

If you want a rich, subtly-fragranced lather, that will give you great results time and time again, Proraso’s Sandalwood and Shea Butter shaving soap will definitely hit the mark. As always,  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Time to get your shave on! 😉

14 thoughts on “Proraso Sandalwood & Shea Butter Review – Better Than The Original?

  1. Tom

    Ha, I have never read such an elegantly defined description on shaving before.
    It makes me want this product.
    Great article.

  2. Ruben

    Hi Andrew

    I’m always in a rush during the morning and the majority of the time my shaving is made almost at the run, my actual shaving soap has a not too appealing smell and I don’t think it does a very good job at preparing my face for the shave. I have being thinking on making a change and this Proraso sounds like a product I could get used too.

    Thank you for your very detailed review


  3. Von

    Thanks! I have been looking for a good shaving cream. I get pimples on the last 2 shaving creams that I used. I’m gonna give this a try and see how well it wokrs for me!


  4. Elias

    I use a shaving razor couple of times a week and I could use a new shaving soap that is relaxing and easy on the skin like the Proraso’s, instead of the usual Gillet one. From the customer reviews and the presentation you gave above, and the really cheap price on this one, I might just give it a try myself and hope to have the same satisfaction that you’ve had! Thanks for sharing. Heads up

  5. Tony W

    I am a genetically superior human being. Ok, maybe not. This is what I have to tell myself because I am unable to grow a full beard. LOL. In my early teens, I would check my facial hair every day for signs of growth. I have given up on my dream of growing a thick well-groomed beard long ago. This product sounds nice and looks to add to the enjoy of men who love to shave. I assume you do not shave every day or only use this product on occasion for it to last so long. It would probably last me for years. LOL

    1. Andrew Post author

      Thanks for your insightful, not to mention amusing comments Tony. 😂

      Regular shaving will come in time and now is a great opportunity to get into good shaving habits. Set yourself up with a quality razor, brush and shaving soap and you won’t look back!


  6. Kenny Lee

    Reading your post, you really turn shaving into an art. I must admit I’m pretty clueless into the finer details of shaving. I use those typical shavers and shaving foam. I don’t think I got a clean shave, probably due to the shaver that I used. What’s more important for me to have first? A better shaver or the shaving foam?

    1. Andrew Post author

      G’Day Kenny

      Have the right tools makes all the difference. Grab a good quality double edge razor first. There are also plenty of good quality shaving soaps around.


  7. Lorenzo Fesler

    Excellent review, I can’t say that I’ve ever read such a vibrant description on the topic before. As mentioned above in an earlier comment, it maked want to get some. Very well done and great article!


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