What To Do After Shaving? – 6 Easy Steps!

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images (5)I can picture it now! You’ve just enjoyed a soothing, relaxing shave with your favourite razor. You have a glance at your approving reflection & think…what now? What to do after shaving?

Like you, millions of men around this big blue marble grab their razors for their daily shave. And you can bet that the variations of post-shave routines are endless.

Many blokes out there are happy to give their face a quick splash of cold water, towel off & charge head first into the next thing on their daily to-do list. For a lot of gents out there, that is more than suffice. And there are are few good reasons for that:

  • They don’t suffer from razor burn
  • They don’t suffer from overly sensitive skin
  • They don’t suffer from dry skin
  • They don’t have time for an extended post-shave routine

What if however, like me, you are encumbered by one or more of the above conditions? Thousands & thousands of men suffer from the likes of razor burn, sensitive & dry skin. The question is, what can you do post-shave to manage, or even eliminate some of these common shaving after effects?

Before I go charging into a post-shave routine that works brilliantly for me, I do need to address one quick thing that will contribute to the proliferation of some side effects that unfortunately go hand-in-hand with shaving.

That one thing is, what type of razor are you using? If you’re new to wet shaving, you can check out my article on safety razor vs multi blade, to get a better idea on what might be the most suitable option for your delicate mug. To help you with that even further, take a gander at my top 3 choices of safety razors for beginners.

Now, with that out of the way, lets have a look at my post-shave ritual that is extremely simple, fast & will leave your face feeling hydrated. Whether you enjoy a nice warm shave, or you’re a cold water minimalist, you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the world can throw at you!



My 6-Step Post Shave Routine

Step 1

After my final pass with my favourite instrument of choice, I thoroughly rinse off any residual shaving soap or cream (if you’re using something else, we need a nice long chat!) with cold water.

Step 2

Next, I grab my alum block! (which should be kept in a sealed container or zip-lock bag). Whist my face is nice & hydrated, I rub it generously over the freshly shaven area a couple of times. You might be asking at this point, “What on earth is an alum block?’ My article “How to use an alum block” will inform you on exactly what it does & how to use it step-by-step.

Step 3

Whilst the alum is doing its stuff, I use that down time to clean up my brush, razor & shaving bowl. This will take me between 30 to sixty seconds. Then I’ll rinse my face with cold water once again to wash off the alum.

Step 4

At this point my face will be dripping, so I’ll want to remove a bit of moisture from it…but not all. To do this I’ll normally towel dry my hands, then run them over my mug removing excess water.

Step 5

Next, I apply Proraso Pre & Post Shave cream. Although this cream is used by barbers around the world, it’s by no means a necessary step in the process. In saying that though, I really love the refreshing tingle I get once applied to my face. The marriage of eucalyptus & menthol combine to help quickly cool my skin after shaving. Be warned though, you don’t need much. Just a little on the fingertips goes a long way.

Step 6

My final step in the process! I apply my chosen aftershave balm or lotion. There are plenty of options out there that do a fantastic job. The best thing you can do is try a couple out for yourself and see which suits you best.

==> Click here for my shaving showdown: Aftershave Balm vs Lotion <==

That’s it gentlemen! I’ll then let my face dry naturally & go about my day’s…or night’s business.

How Long Does This Take?

I’m glad you asked! When you see the above points laid out in written form, you’d think it’s a process so long that you’ll need a cut lunch! The truth is, the time required will hardly impact on your day.

The post-shave process will take you…wait for it…around two whole minutes! Now these are laid back Aussie minutes, most of you blokes will be even faster! 🙂

So there you have it my shaving amigos. My post-shave routine that leaves my skin feeling revitalised & refreshed until the next showdown with my blade.

Do you have a post shave routine that works for you? Or if you have any questions? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Time to get your shave on! 😉

15 thoughts on “What To Do After Shaving? – 6 Easy Steps!

  1. Irvan


    Great post! In my case I tend to hardly ever use a razor, but instead an electric shaver. The reason for this is because my hair is pretty soft! Would you suggest the same 6 step post shave routine for someone who uses an electric shaver? Cheers for the informative post!

    1. Andrew Post author

      Thanks for your comments Irvan.

      Absolutely. From a wet shaving perspective, the process naturally flows better as you’re already using & rinsing with water. But There’s no reason at all why you couldn’t use the same routine after shaving with an electric shaver.


  2. John

    Very good information! I always get irritated after I shave even if I use some creams so now I know a few things that are very useful that I can use further. Great site thank you.

  3. Chris

    This post is amazing. I never thought about implementing a set of 6 steps to follow after shaving. I never know what an Alum block was. I have sensitive skin so definitely going to have to implement this 6 step process into my routine, especially since it only adds two minutes, which is a minuscule amount of time. Thanks for sharing this post shave routine. It will be beneficial for me.

    1. Andrew Post author

      I agree Chris, a good post shave routine doesn’t need to take long. And the benefits will be long lasting.


  4. Larry

    Great information. I am always looking for better razors and honestly never gave to much thought on the after shave routine. I will have to try some of your tips.

  5. Javie

    Great site! You have lots of good information here. I will be putting your 6 post shave routine tips into action.

  6. Louis

    Hi Andrew,

    I really enjoyed this information. Whenever I use a razor blade I tend to get razor bumps, but I think that i will give your “6-Step Post Shave Routine” a try. Maybe this can help to keep razor bumps from forming after I shave.
    Thank you again for this informative article.

  7. Roger


    Very interesting addition to the shaving routine!

    I do suffer from sensitive and dry skin, but I never realized there were such steps I could add to alleviate the problems after shaving!

    I’ll have to look into an alum block and the other products you list.

    Thanks for the information!

    By the way, I WILL confess that I have shaved with lotion, instead of shaving cream, in the past. So maybe we need to talk? Though I don’t do that any longer!


    1. Andrew Post author

      A good post (and pre) shave routine will certainly help you with sensitive skin.

      And there is no shame in using lotion for shaving Roger. It’s just that a good quality shaving soap or cream will give a better experience and results.



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